Something about me 

Alice Dennehy Lomi Lomi massage Gold Coast

 I'm here to see the beauty in the world.

I'm searching for the truth and connecting to love, removing the layers to reveal the Self.

Both as teacher and student, I am always learning, always growing. Stumbling on obstacles that fall in my path, yet seeing the value in each lesson.

Forever grateful for all the tools and teachings along my journey. 

 I am incredibly passionate to share the gift and lead others to light and love.

Unlocking true potentials and letting hearts shine.

Along my journey Old style Traditional Lomi Lomi seemed to land in my path, it was as though the universe presented it to me and before I knew it I was doing my training. I was soon to realise that this was something special, far more than any other massage I had received. It carried a certain energy and had profound effects on people that I witnessed. It was then I realised I must pursue in Lomi Lomi 

I'm determined yet delicate, I'm loyal and honest.

I laugh out loud and I cry at movies.

I play in the ocean and explore through the trees.

I sing in the shower and I dance in my kitchen.

 I'm a lover of animals and all things green.

I prefer summer to winter and tea over coffee.

 I speak with passion that runs from my heart.

I'll smile from my soul as I gaze into yours.

I'm not the loudest but my warmth will welcome you,

I connect. 

Eye to eye, heart to heart.

Alice Dennehy Lomi Lomi massage Gold Coast

Im a Lover and thats what I'm here to do

One soul Living in Mermaid Beach dedicated to bringing Love and Joy into the hearts of others.

Stay connected and follow along with me